Thomas Duverné’s drawings and paintings are intuitive expressions, that allow him to play with illustrative illusions and elements of “abstract expressionism”. The works are both calculated and improvised. Using concepts of architecture, graffiti and space, Duverné manipulates color and line to help juxtapose forms triggered by his subconscious. The process allows him to deconstruct identifiable presentations of our world. Creating imagery that challenges ones perspective.

Duverné was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1988. He has a B.S in Communication Arts from St. John’s University. As a youth he drew habitually, prompting his imagination to spill into other creative mediums. The exploration became an assistance throughout his dark periods, giving him a well to project from. As he states: “I create from emotion essentially, using the experiences I come across as a Haitian-American. What it does most of the time, is put me in a state where I strive to see the world anew. One that is free from obstruction and full of possibilities. It’s a narrative I try to represent as a black artist.”